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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Well, they are all professional, aren't they? Not every player can be in the top five. It's mathematically impossible.

What Bruce is suggesting is basically turning the WTA site into something more critical, like for example, but more so if I understand him correctly. But you know how much we like it here when Bodo or Cronin are having a go at Caro. It wouldn't be any different if there would be a Bodo type at the WTA site who constantly bashes Ivanovic. Fans wouldn't say that he's right. They would just say that he's an asshole. Besides, girls like Ana (or Caroline for that matter) hardly need the WTA site to be popular.
To answer you AND Ozza and,to a degree TF66(who's apparently having a little snit at me and can't be cordial anymore),that earlier post from a while back was more of a joke borne of frustration.OF COURSE the WTA can't openly bash the players or else that would create an unstable,hostile atmosphere.What they CAN do is subtly make it known to the half-assers that their non-effort wasn't appreciated.As I posted before,the worst punishment you could give some of these wannabe cover girls would be to take their faces out of circulation.You couldn't control private sponsors,obviously,but certain players would become non-persons,in the old USSR sense,in terms of disappearing from WTA photo galleries or any promo material until they got their shit together.Even tourney bosses--if they sought co-operation from the WTA--could be told which players were on the 'Shit List' and shouldn't have their faces on promo material.There are PLENTY of lovely faces in the WTA,so not using one particular player wouldn't kill promotional efforts...besides,you could still advertise the player's APPEARANCE,only without her FACE.

I have no doubt that players would intuit the message soon enough,and they could maintain their dignity by privately complaining to the WTA if they wanted.Further,you'd still mention the players results exactly the same way--minus the excuse-making coddling--in match summary articles,so it wouldn't be complete Non-Person treatment.Most of the shallower gals would feel this punishment as a MAJOR slight,even if they didn't discuss it publicly.There would be no Ranking Minimum,either;just the understanding that the player make a sincere,professional effort if she sought star treatment again.

As for Caroline,I don't think that she would necessarily deserve such discipline in this scenario...but,then again,I'm biased in Sunshine's favor......Am off to work

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