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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Well,we disagree to some extent because I say that they DO encourage the half-assing,implicitly,by promoting players who've made it clear that they don't give a shit but serve as eye candy.I'll agree that team sports are different in some ways,yet the promotional principles are the same: Terrell Owens was arguably the best WR in the NFL 8 years ago...or at least close to it.However,after he threw some teammates under the bus,unfairly,due to his hissy-fit over his contract dispute,he became an embarrassment to the league and quickly became less visible in promotions despite his super talent.

Again,you don't need to have the killer drive that Serena has,merely the integrity to remain professional,which doesn't require incredibly intense dedication,in and of itself..........and I'm SURE that the WTA has an impact on the players' mindsets.If you've been spoiled rotten your whole life by mommy and daddy...and then you're promised more of the same from your prospective boss...then you'll likely gravitate to that job.If the WTA made it clear that they wouldn't tolerate the B.S.,then the spoiled brats would seek out careers in modelling...or as trophy gfs...and quickly forget about tennis.You're right,of course,that the promos don't CHANGE the player;they were what they were well before their first endorsement offers
The players you mention are in mind still professional. They may have lost that edge they once had, but they are still relatively professional how they go about themselves. I think the problem is how do they judge "the bs" that you talk about.

What is your actual suggestion on what they should do? Because on relative terms Ana and Caro are still a success. Ana is still ranked top 20, Caro is still ranked top 10.
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