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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by ozza View Post
Because ultimately that want, that desire for success has to come from you. Someone telling you to get your ass in gear will only go so far. You look at Serena and Sharapova, both very rich, both suffered injuries that could have ended their careers, but both are very driven and determined to reach the top. That reaction to adversity has to come from you.
Yes,I agree with you on a fundamental level,but let's broaden our perspective here.You're correct if you're implying that the elite players are the most important,yet there are HUNDREDs of gals who compete in WTA and ITF events,at various skill levels,and it's no good if ONLY the elite act like they give a shit.Just take a look at Vinci,for example,and what a hard-working gal she seems to be.She'll probably never get the ultimate payoff with a singles Slam title...and she'll never get the endorsement deals that prettier gals get...but DAMN she fights to get the most out of her limited God-given talent,even withOUT the promise of a big reward.

And THAT's my point;even if someone lacks the killer instinct of a Ree or Sharapova,she can still be a professional as Vinci and so many other gals are...but I'm seeing a WTA that ENCOURAGES the half-assing that you get from Lisicki and Ana...and I'm quite sure that someone like Bouchard--and maybe other young beauties--has noticed how much the WTA will offer their B.S. propaganda to PRETEND that a shallow ditz is a profound,magnificent human being.You're right that the WTA can't instill that champions' drive that exists only in a rare few,but they can at least make it known that they won't pamper,or even PROMOTE,someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about the quality of the product.I'm biased,of course,though I'd like to think that Caroline doesn't yet belong to the Worst Offenders list...and hopefully she never will

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