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Re: Your tennis results?!

Originally Posted by Pops Maellard View Post
Practiced serve today, and basically I couldn't even serve today . It was so frustrating. I was 20 minutes late for work 'cause I was determined not to stop until I got it it somewhat right. That didn't really happen .

Gonna try again tomorrow. I'll probably do better .
I actually for the first time in I don't even know how long went out to these secluded courts that were just redone (they're amazing but the nets are either too low, or the top plastic part is torn off so the actual white "string" is showing )

Anyways, I had 7 tennis balls, and practiced on every court, both sides, until I got the ball over the net, whether in or out. I probably hit about 50 serves, which is okay I guess. I also practiced my toss and serve stance. I'd toss it, move my racket into position, but not hit it. I did that around 10-15 times on both deuce and ad side, on both sides of the court. It was a successful day

Good luck with the rest of your serving days
(believe me, it isn't as bad as mine )

Originally Posted by moby View Post
Jankovic at her dramatic best will lead, throw the lead away, spot you a massive lead in the third set, decide to come back with some blazing retrieving and backhands, almost comeback, and then hand you the win, possibly with back to back double faults or netted forehands. You have no agency in this match. You might start to wonder if you have free will. Perhaps solipsism is true after all - is it Jankovic's world and you're simply allowed to live exist in it? It's basically existential waterboarding.
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