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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by marineblue View Post
WTA is doing it for themselves, not for Caro. Still trying to squeeze out some clicks from what has remained from her name.
No wonder Adidas bosses are not amused, this kind of losses are now very frequent. I think that Caro might be freaking out as well although she doesn't show it. I don't know what on earth are they doing but these results show that they have not backtracked and gone back to her old game at all. The old game would not lead to such disasters,no way. She would not give Suarez-Navarro any cheap errors and would use her opportunities.

I agree that she needs to do something about her focus and fast. She still has become a player that other want to have in their draw now. She's looking as someone who has lost her way and confidence. Hopefully she'll find it. She can look at Ana as an example of where loss of focus can lead...
You're probably right about the WTA's primary motives,and I'd say that they were also trying to put p.r. spin on the perception that their top players sometimes aren't nearly as strong as the best in the ATP...and so WTA hacks spin it as if the low-ranked player had an amazing,phenomenal match--and that her victory were truly awesome--instead of being candid that a few of the players who attained high rankings weren't really as good as their peak rankings showed.

Of course,JJ and Caro both rightfully earned their #1s with long-term consistent play,unlike two of the joke #1s who got there with a handful of aberrant,flukish results at Slams and Premiers.However,now a RANKINGS-based upset over Caro--not actually an upset in the truest sense--is just an opportunity for the WTA to practice their b.s. propaganda skills which show almost ZERO respect for the fans' intelligence.

One thing you didn't mention was the sporting culture that's fostered by the WTA.Again,I can't speak for the ATP,but other sports don't insult their fans by pretending that a former peak player is still on that level.If the player employs foolhardy or wrongheaded training techniques,the media experts just shake their heads and are brutally honest about it.They don't act like the wussies in the tennis media who are apparently too fearful of losing interview opportunities.If a former top player,in other sports,has adopted an embarrassing,pathetic off-court/field routine,then the media types will REALLY distance themselves from that player until he gets his shit together,so to speak.

Even the league's themselves are more professional from a p.r. standpoint.E.g.,the Oakland Raiders USED TO BE an NFL franchise known for hard-hitting,intimidating defense,to the point where it was trendy to get their team gear.Those days are LONG gone,though,as the franchise has become a joke due to mismanagement.Fans would just look at each other in disbelief--and be pissed off--if the NFL followed the WTA model by pretending(promoting) that an upcoming Raiders game was as prestigious as it would have been 10-plus years ago.I suspect that part of that stems from the subculture of spoiled,rich girls who comprise much of the WTA.Stacy Allaster and crew wanna pamper them the same way that mommy and daddy always have.

I agree with most of the rest of your post;she should at least re-establish the fundamentals of the game that made her successful,previously.She can even postpone adding other elements to her play(am NOT referring to an effective,NEEDED sound service game)...UNTIL she has re-acquired a solid foundation to her game

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