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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

It's nice sentiment that the WTA outwardly shows Caro respect by acting as if it were a huge upset whenever a lower-ranked player beat her,but there's something very bullshitty about how they do it(which is par for the course).

I can't recall how old Muhammad Ali was cuz I was just a little kid at the time,but he was clearly well past his prime when he came out of retirement to fight the then-current champion Larry Holmes.It wasn't even a contest,really,and the ref mercifully stopped the fight by TKO before Ali was hurt too badly(although,with the residual effect of blows to the head,only God knows exactly how much damage Ali incurred).

My point is that Holmes didn't brag about defeating the legend who was a shadow of his former self,and it wasn't because he feared backlash,nor did any respected members of the boxing media speak admiringly about Holmes' victory;either scenario would've been insulting to boxing fans everywhere......Yet that doesn't stop the WTA from foisting similar b.s. insults on tennis fans.

I recall reading a summary of the day's matches a couple years ago,and Julie Coin was amongst the winners.The f--king asskissers on the WTA webpage STILL made glowing reference to Coin's victory over the "world #1" back in 2008,even though it had long since been made crystal clear that that player was a pathetic slut,lying fraud and joke--a disgrace to the sport and an INSULT to every player who has ever battled back from adversity to preserve her career.The way that the WTA presented it,you'd have thought that Coin had beaten Graf,Court or one of the WS,a REAL #1.If the WTA had carried the story,they'd have acted like Holmes beat the Ali from the 1960s who was in his athletic prime,and not the 40-year-old(guessing at the age)remnant of that legend.

Again,I don't know ANY other sports org. that bullshits like the WTA does,but it used to be a source of pride back when an upset of Caro was truly a big deal.Now that she's a recipient/beneficiary of the WTA's propaganda manure machine,it just adds a little more insult to the disappointment in seeing her struggle

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