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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Protoss View Post
A top 10ish player is not a journeywoman.

Ivanovic slumped far worse than Caro has so far and she's still out there (she turns 26 in early november). JJ is still out there at 28.
Ok, maybe not a journeywoman but she hasn't really been a threat to top players, just like Ivanovic and JJ, they can be still out there playing, but nobody (except some of their crazy fans) take them seriously as contenders for the big titles for years now!

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Like Protoss says - borderline top ten is not a journeywoman. It only looks like that to us because we were so spoiled by her success a few years ago. But someone in the 9-12 range on the ranking list is still in the position to make a move and have a good run at important tournaments. Like this year at Indian Wells for example. If she would retire while she's still in the top ten (or close) it would look like giving up. Of course, if she would totally disappear into anonimity it would be different. But if you're #1 at twenty and a non-entity at 24 it can only mean that your heart isn't in it anymore, and that would be disappointing.
I'm not saying she should retire at 25 but if her results have not improved and she has not won a GS or at least one PM by this time, and she would want to quit to start a family I won't hold it against her, and I won't think that she is giving up.
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