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Frustration isn't even close to describe how I'm feeling right now. My mental game, and ability to compete is at an all time low.

Played a USTA 4.0 to disastarous results.

Based on the warmup I was feeling good. Playing against a good hitter, which I'm comfortable with. Nothing is worse for me than a hack or a pusher.

We both hold serve to start , I'm serving at 1-2, feeling good. Go up 40-0, hitting great. Hit a drop shot. I have no such shot. 40-15. Slap a forehand long. 40-30. Double fault. Deuce.

That's when I pretty much lost the match. At least the set really.

Including those 3, I go on to lose 12 points in a row. 1-4, 0-30.

I get my shit together, and win 3 points in a row for 40-30. I just might have a chance!

3 missed game points later I'm down 1-5, lose the set 1-6.

I open the set dropping my serve to 15. The 5 minutes of sulking inbetween sets did me no favors.

Down 0-2, I go up 40-0 again. Cool! I'm only down a break lets do this!

I drop shot again.

I lose 4 game points to go down 0-3.

I break him at love in the next game with two return winners, and two forced errors, hitting the best I've had all match.

Ok it's 1-3, I've had game points every service game. I am having competive return games, I still have a slim shot.

Go up 40-30. He hits a good return, fine. A competitive deuce game gives us both chances. But I fail again.

I lose 1-6, 1-6.

Had game points in all but one service game. Finished around 1 for 17 in game points.


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