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Re: Elina Svitolina Cheering Thread!

Украина – Канада. Превью.

Today began the penultimate this year for the Ukrainian team tennis week. In September this year, will complete a cycle tour men's team in Spain. In the same weekend, our women will defend the right to remain so in the World Group. Let even the second, but the world. Our opponent - Team Canada.

If the influence of numbers to go, then the match between Ukraine - favorite. Our team consists of two players of the first hundred - part kanadok one. Team experience Ukrainian national team in recent years is clearly preferable to a Canadian. And in the World Group first visited, and the teams played up serious. And hard to argue with that. I do not need. Need to go out and realize this original factor. This is not always easy. And, paradoxically, it is easier on the road than at home. Factor house walls in the realities of women's competition is rather ambiguous. Contrary to the popular 'houses and walls help ", everything can play the exact opposite. First, its audience is always much more critical than the one that occurs on the road. After all, other people's fans own aggression only whet the visiting team, cause additional strength to resist his power. Its the same audience, even the minimum own disappointment, even if temporary, can enter his team into a stupor. And really want to encourage everyone who comes to court in the UK "Meridian" to remember that women's tennis is 80 per cent of the psychological aspects. Until the last played the ball in play, you have to be next to his player, and support each girl, even if she did not all work. From this support depends largely on whether each girl with captain, crew and the public to deal with their doubts and realize their strengths. In general, women's tennis general rush so much. Kiev fans have not seen live tennis matches. Maybe time to get bored, and therefore will be positive.

<The teams announced by the captain, was not surprised. There were doubts about the arrival Eugenie Bouchard claimed in qualifying Stuttgart, but the current leader kanadok withdrew from the tournament WTA, opting for team performance. Our strengths are also in the ranks. Lesya Tsurenko quite successfully performed at the American series, firmly settled in leading hundreds of the world. Elina Svitolina if not always successful, but struggles with the strongest players in the world. Her last match against Petra Martic in Katowice was of sufficient quality. Croatian showed a very strong tennis, which allowed her to turn the emerging unsuccessful game and eventually win. But the level of play Svitolina gradually bringing it into line with the requirements of hundreds of the best. Step by step - was typical Elina initially. This principle helps her slowly but surely climb in the rankings. Making its debut in the Ukrainian Kateryna Kozlova team.

In the junior year was very successful couple Kozlov-Svitolina. And the choice to pair combination of the captain - a good argument at crucial moments for the overall victory. Who will eventually declared the 4th player to captain - Igor Dernovsky - decides to draw an hour before the match. At present, the chances of Yulia Beygelzimer and Irina Buryachok look equal. For Julia - a great team experience. In favor of Irina says her best position in the doubles ranking among all Ukrainians. But to have a team of two debutants at the same time - an incredible risk. It is likely that either Kozlov, or Buryachok will watch the match out of the application. Solve the captain.

Our team of rivals headed Eugenie Bouchard. Wimbledon junior champion in 2011. At the end of that memorable tournament for yourself Canadian defeated Elina Svitolina. And until this year, had two wins in matches against the Ukrainians. Already this season Elina won one match. That is a recipe on how to deal with Bouchard found. The fourth meeting of the rivals on Saturday. And in many ways determine the course of the match. Selection of soil, apparently was aimed against Eugenie. Despite the fact that all the matches for the national team played on Canadian soil, winning 5 meetings of 6, she is more prone to fast courts. In addition, Bouchard, being in his 19 years as team leader will experience an additional burden of responsibility. With no serious experience matches of the Federation Cup, it can not cope with it. But it is - so that assumption. Need to rely on fighting form Canadian. Her teammate Sharon Fichmen playing in the Fed Cup for a long time. Already in the year 2005. But in the World Group 2 played only a few times, only dual game. Winning only one of them. In general, it is necessary to have experience in mind, but do not focus too much attention on it. Sharon loves the ground more than Eugenie. But while more level playing ITF tournaments 25-50 thousand. And serious experience on the WTA competition has not. Regularly playing a couple with Gabriela Dabrowski. What, in general, determine the composition of the pair combinations for the 5th match. Given the fact that Fichmen play the second game on Sunday, it puts kanadok in a position where a single player can not have enough rest after his match in front of a pair. However, for the 4th game in kanadok there's Stephanie Dubois. The current season - the 10th for the Canadian tennis players in the Fed Cup. On the ground it does not add up. And because of her involvement in Saturday's match would be unlikely. But combat unit command Stephanie certainly remain. Gabriela Dabrowski - mostly doubles player. Her participation in the singles excluded. And in the steam room is virtually guaranteed. Although, there are many examples in the women's pairs come out to play better single player commands.

In-person meetings against kanadok Lesya Tsurenko met only with Stephanie Dubois and beat her at Indian Wells in 2012, the year in three difficult sets. Elina met three times with Eugenie Bouchard. In the junior tournaments twice lost in the same Indian Wells, but in 2013 was defeated in 3 sets. On the ground as long as they have not played. Katya Kozlova with any of kanadok not met. Yulia Beygelzimer once lost on clay in Estoril Sharon Fichmen three sets. Irina Buryachok with Canadian did not play. In general, the statistics are not very revealing. Only one conclusion can be drawn - the match is not exactly simple. And it will solve the nuances and detail. Who will be more professional, more collected, the best set up. Who will press less responsibility, who will pump less problems. In general, the case that every single word, a phrase, a gesture may ascend to heaven or drown in the deepest depression. Because you need to collect all of our energy resources to help Ukrainian team in this difficult, but very interesting match.

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