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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Okay,if any of you Brits have come browsing thru here,you could help me out with a "translation".First of all,there's a sort of Q&A game that the British FC team plays with each other on video on the WTA website.You might recommend it to anyone who stereotypes Brits as snobby or overly-sophisticated.One doesn't have tremendously-high expectations of teenager Robson or 20-year-old Watson and,given that we're looking into the world of very shallow,spoiled rich girls,one doesn't expect too much from the slightly-older Konta,either.However,even the late twentysomething Baltacha and Keothavong...and even the MUCH-older Murray roughly the emotional depth and sophistication of horny 15-year-old girls,thus helping to dispel the aforementioned Brit stereotype.I counted three separate questions where they had to decide which named male made them wetter in their panties

....But as for the translation part,I normally can distinguish the British accent w/o too much difficulty,thanks to my enjoyable BBC viewing experiences.However,there's one spot in the video(you may save time by watching only one of them,about 1:15 in length,as they re-gurgitate the same babble)where I can't decipher WTF they're saying.They must choose between wearing a dress or "tracking bees",and I put the latter in quotes since that's the closest I can get to deciphering what they've said.If one of you could spell it out,that'd be much appreciated.Even if it's a colloquialism that's not in the dictionary,I can do a simple internet search to find out what it is.

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