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Re: 4 Gay NFL Players to Potentially "Come Out"

There are several major companies who have endorsement deals with gay people. American Express, JC Penny, Subaru, etc. I think if the gay athlete that comes out is really hot, he will be able to endorse products that are popular with gays and/or liberals. Why couldn't he endorse a fashion brand, Kiehl's, Volkswagen, an underwear brand, a brand of vodka, etc? Gays and people who like gays have a lot of purchasing power. Homophobes tend to be poorer, in general. America's poorest states and its rural areas are the least gay friendly. Certain brands would definitely see gains with a gay spokesperson, especially if it were a small, little-known brand. Imagine all the free publicity they'd get and all the people who would support them because they support gay rights.

I mean, how damn gay are David Beckham's ads. LOL
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