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Re: German Amateur Tennis League and LK-Tournament Thread - Season 2013 - Vol. 1

Originally Posted by joy division View Post
As a layman let me ask what you mean with "LK" and how it works to get a lower number. Crazillo already gave a hint in his comment. It must be something like handycap in gulf.
A very few words on it would be fine.
LK means Leistungsklasse, your teams have to be made in accordance with LKs, so 10 plays in front of 14 etc. Before some teams used to play with a weak No. 1 to have a tactical advantage which is not possible anymore.
When you start, you get the lowest LK, that is 23, 1 is the highest.
In my case, I got 7 or 8 but didn't play for years, and when I started again I had 14 (I think you drop two LKs each season if you don't play).
Also, tournament entrance is organized according to LKs, so you can only play A level with high LKs and B level with lower ones.
And there's a lot more tournaments now than before, I think that's the best thing about the LK system. When I was a junior, we only had very few tournaments that were also waaaaay overpriced. It's better now and I wish it was like that before. Nevertheless, the system has some flaws, too. You can only go up if you beat a certain amount of players with a higher LK than you have yourself. Also, some players won't meet good enough opposition in regular interclubs so their LK might drop despite winning every single match.



Thank you for all these moments over the last years! Supported you until your final point!
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