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Re: Is homosexuality a social construction?

Originally Posted by LBV. View Post
I ask this question to black people all the time. I don't think many of them make that connection, because spirituality/religiosity is a traditional coping mechanism for most black people, helping them deal with poverty/racism/discrimination/etc. Many see Jesus Christ as having delivered them from enslavement, like the Israelites in Egypt. I do feel that much of the rigid homophobia and patriarchy in our community (although much of it is exaggerated by the media) comes from the Christianity that we were indoctrinated in during slavery, and we held onto across generations. None of us were Christian when we were brought here, now we cling to Christianity more than white people do. The reasons you listed above is why I will never become Christian. I'm trying to extricate all of those colonial ideologies from my mind and spirit. Casting aside Christianity is an important aspect of that, in my opinion.
in that vein, will you also consider moving out of the US to africa? or are the material comforts of the western world where your ancestors were brought against their will too tempting to let go?

(not meant to be snarky)
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