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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by ozza View Post
Serena has the advantage that she always comes in fresh vs a less fresh field. She's also normally the best player in the draw. It's not like Miami was always the ultra slow court it is now either so only really the recent years are relevant. Caro needs to be good on this kind of surface, because a lot of joint events are using this model for their court surface these days. Probably the worst thing being this new craze that events have of making the centre court a lot slower than the outside courts (which I personally don't think should be allowed, but is widely going on at the big hard court events now).
When was Miami not ultra slow? It's been that way for years as far as I can remember.

Cincy has traditionally been one of the fastest courts in the US Open series (faster than the US Open much of the time) although last year it didn't seem as fast to me. The US open has seemed slow to me the past two years. What's your impression of the court speeds in the US Open series?

The courts in Istanbul seemed too slow to me for Caro's game when she played the YEC there in 2011.

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