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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by Burisleif View Post
I wish I knew... I saw lots of positives in IW. I didn't bother with Miami because it was obviously not her court. Tactical awareness changes will take until the end of her career... The what are now marginal errors, at the rate she is improving, more or less under control by autumn? The key point mentality... When she wins at what ever level she reaches... or never... Historically she has a tendency to run into hurdles, bounce a few times, vanquish, and then go forth and conquer? It's all new ground to her now though... From personal experience when you reach the very top of your field you are left with nothing but a view... At that moment you need to reflect of the journey during the climb to hope to realise just exactly what and how you got there... Quite often what you though brought you success wasn't what brought it at all. It's quite a a vacuous mindfuck for a while.

Final guess is back to normal by AO 2014 after a really poor australian swing and a relatively successful Asian swing, and reaching full potential by 2017, but don't quote me.

I dunno. I'm waiting for some sign that Caro's good execution of some shot or overall good matches aren't random anymore. She could have it turned around next season or still be playing inconsistently 4 years from now.

There are lots of players who can play a good match every now and a reasonable number who can play a good tournament occasionally. But playing good tournaments on a consistent basis isn't common and it isn't that often that somebody goes from inconsistent to consistent.

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