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Re: Is homosexuality a social construction?

The Christianity thing brings up a subject I've always wondered about, in regards to the relationship between Christianity and the black (especially African-American) community. This could actually apply to black people and Islam, too. Do the deeply religious (Christian or Islam) black people not feel any sort of conflict between these two identities? I mean, Muslims enslaved them, Christians enslaved them. Christians even used Christianity as a basis for the enslavement. Then furthermore, just my own thoughts on this as someone raised in a Christian community, if a black Christian takes the fundamental belief that you have to have Jesus to go to Heaven, and pairs it with the good assumption that Christianity might never have taken hold in Africa without colonization, then, logically does it hold that colonization and possibly even slavery had benefits of bringing Christianity to Africa? Does this benefit of leading these people to Christ outweight the costs, then? This is way, way off topic I know, but this is just something I've always been curious about but I've never been sure how to properly phrase my question. To me there just seems to be a conflict that needs to be resolved (and possibly already has been resolved) between being West or East African and being a fervent follower of Christianity or Islam.
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