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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
In her blog today,Kookie said that she had a hard time understanding her buddy Voracova sometimes when Renata has spoken in her Moravian accent.She also sort of implied that such folk use certain local slang that's not employed in the rest of the CR.Was Kookie just exaggerating,having a little fun at her friend's expense?Or is it true that Petra and other Czechs occasionally have difficulty grasping what people from the Moravian region are saying...perhaps when they're speaking quickly??
Well, in today's world I'd guess that it is just a little joke at her because it is possible that you don't understand a few words but I don't think so it would be so bad that you wouldn't understand at all.
The other thing is the older people from villages who uses their native dialect ("Nářečí" in Czech) that is connected with the part of Czech Republic they come from. The main difference between common language and dialects is in ending of the words (for example: verb carry - nesou, nesó, nesú, nesu, nesou; which means 'They carry' - 1st version is Bohemian, 2nd and 3rd Moravian, 4th Silesian - where is Fulnek - and 5th is Czech). But now the differences between dialects are disappearing and majority of the Czech people use The Common Czech language which is mainly based on Bohemian dialect.
That's what I - as non-educated person in this field - can say, hope it helps you to understand it a little.
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