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Re: Victoria Azarenka (VIDEOS THREAD)

A (bad) translation of it (I may go over and clean this up at some point) :-

- You missed several tournaments due to injury. It proved to be more serious than you expected?

- In fact, the pause is not that big. I certainly did not expect to get damaged. You just need to take those things that happened. I see this as yet another preparatory season. This, too, can find some pluses.

- Are not you afraid that will be hard to get back on the court in good shape?

- I do nothing in this life is not afraid.

- As far as injury affected your plans for this year?

- I missed two tournaments, which was to play. Even three tournaments, in which, I think I had a good chance of success. My game is in the same tournament in Indian Wells, spoke for itself, I just did not have a bit of physical standards.

- You come to Belarus to heal an injury. Is there the right conditions for it?

- First of all, I came here to see their loved ones. That was the main goal, because I almost six months was not at home. Come with me my whole team. Conditions, in principle, are normal, but after three days I am going away. Compactor season begins, and in Belarus conditions to prepare for it is not present.

- Tell us about the quality of training in Minsk?

- I am very unhappy with the gym. It does not fit the standards. But building a new complex, I hope it will be better.

- Before the injuries you have had a great series of 15 consecutive victories. However, in the WTA rankings you lose the first line. Do you think that the objective - WTA ranking or title race?

- You know, I read all your questions, and you all have one and the same: that means to me the loss of the first line? I have said repeatedly that the rating for me - it's not the most important. Nice to feel when you are at the top. But as long as you do not show results, not win tournaments, no first line will not. So my main goal - to win tournaments. First of all, the Grand Slam tournaments.

- For the second year in a row you issue at the start of the season long winning streak. What are you doing in this season?

- The entire season can not pass without losing. At the end of the year I have also been winning streak - Beijing, Linz. Nothing much in the off season, I do not, just the six weeks of work. Many players have to somehow break out early in the season, for me it was not a problem.

- We agree that the last time you seriously expanded their technical arsenal has become more diverse? Why is that?

- This is due to the practice, training and desire to improve. I'm always looking for ways to improve. I have long been a rather monotonous game that good at it. But this was not enough to win the same Grand Slam. We had to expand.

- It is hard to change?

- It depends on desire. It is not easy, of course. But if you have a goal, an understanding of why you need it, it becomes easier.

- When are you going back to return to the tour?

- I hope that in Madrid.

- Start of the clay season, Serena won in Charleston ...

- I never look at other players. I have my own way, his own work.

- Last year, many players were unhappy with the blue clay in Madrid. Now there is some concern?

- No, this year will be a red clay.

- Are you going to change your coach?

- No.

- Last year, you are connecting to the team Amelie Mauresmo. Now some changes in the coaching staff planned?

- No, my team is fully formed. But with Amelie I liked to work, it was interesting. But now she works in the French federation, so this year we will not cooperate.

- How are decisions on the composition of your team, working with some specialist? What would you like the content team cost?

- It's not very important information, because many people will be shocked. And all decisions are made by me. Listen to the advice the team who to invite. On the one hand, we take a collective decision, but the last word is always with me.

- Do not you regret that parted with some experts in the past?

- What part - no. What worked - is .

- In 2011, the year you had a series of injuries, and you kind of even going to get off the tennis. Now you also have damage. Maybe it selects the wrong load?

- First, you have read something wrong. Then I just have no desire to play tennis, so I wanted to finish. I can not say that I have had so many injuries. This - the first serious this year. As for the team, I do not even doubt that we were doing something wrong.

- What makes regained the desire to play tennis?

- Sometimes it is necessary to revise their views of the world. You can not always think negatively. It is necessary to notice the positive developments taking place around them. I realized that I like to play tennis, I have it good at it. And if I want to achieve something in it, you must change its attitude to the game, training. And just have fun.

- Who at the moment to be the main rival to the WTA-tour?

- Serena. I lost to her the most.

- How do you evaluate the physical shape of Serena Williams?

- I can not assess its physical condition. She is a player of very high class. And physically, it's probably the strongest tennis player. And this is its advantage. Sometimes I look at her matches with other players - and it shows the game completely different level than me or Sharapova .

- In Australia, you were asked about Belarusian journalists, which does not happen in such championships. Are there people in this country journalism, coverage of tennis in the performance of which would suit you?

- I'm not that personally acquainted with your colleagues. But I still think that for a decent lighting Belarusian journalists must be present at the big tournaments.

- BTRC has bought the rights to broadcast matches WTA-tour with your participation. But it so happened that you just get damaged. Everyone is waiting for your output on the court.

- Yes, thank you. It is very nice, I hope it will help fans enjoy the tennis. For me this is very important.

- I have heard this: "The more serious summits reach the person, the more he becomes free." Do you feel the attention? Difficult in principle to be a sports star?

- I never think I'm a star. You always have to be a man. I can not deny the fans, who asked to be photographed in a shop or something. I pleased, and I take it as a bonus. For example, I can not allow myself to write something stupid in social networks, because it can see a lot of people who want to be like me.

- Do you feel pressure from journalists and the public? For example, when the Australian Open pause needed medical Williams, Jr., this is not saying much, but your story has addressed the scandal.

- It's easy to look at it from this point of view. I try not to blame the people who do not give them a reason itself. As to the situation in Australia, for her I already told you. People may have a different look to it. But I and only I know how it was in reality. I do not want to discuss the case with Serena ... But, for example, in our match against Jamie Hampton took the exact same break. If she needed a time-out, then so be it!

From the history of a problem. I was sorry ... I'm a man, girl! The next forty-eight hours was the worst time in my life. But it ended. It remains to draw conclusions.

- The question of the final of the Australian Open. How hard was it to stay focused? After all, your opponent - Li Na - received injuries were pause ...

- This match was very difficult for many reasons. But before going to court, I knew that I did not distract, nothing will interfere. And nothing can stop me. At first I was worried, because Li Na fell limp. At some point this raskontsentrirovalo me. But then I realized that I need to go back and play again. For I was shocked that after the damage she scored 10 points in a row, we had to get ready.

- In London, you did compliment the Belarusian press, "At last you reach me." If there is a desire to associate with the Belarusian editions directly, share their experiences through the internet?

- I think that nothing new can not tell as to what is being said at the same press conference. It will be a repetition, not exclusive.

- In your opinion, are equivalent if - gold Olympic Games and the first issue of a rating?

- Emotions in the Olympics were different from those that are normal. It was a kind of madness! I think I was even more pleased bronze medals than gold. In fact, after losing the next day returned to court to fight for a medal. I will never forget this time! Rank number was just a bonus for me to victory. So the Olympics meant more than a place in the ranking.

- Do not donate if you reward of higher value in singles, taking part also in the mixed doubles?

- I never thought about it because it had planned to take part in two Olympic tournaments.

- Are you going to take part in the matches at the Fed Cup?

- Yes, I am going. Actually, I read a lot of the Belarusian press, and sometimes unhappy with the way I put it. As a person who does not want to play for their country, and in general - who plays for the money. I represent Belarus at each tournament. She won two medals for the country at the Olympics, and in tennis that Belarus has never in history has there been such awards. So, to say that I do not speak for the country - it is ugly and disrespectful to me as a sportswoman.

As for the Fed Cup. This year was a different story. Almost all the top players, even Agnieszka Radwanska, who played for Poland did not want to play Fed Cup because they do not agree to the new rules. Let's see what happens at the end of the year. I love playing for my country, and I am a patriot, who would be there that may say about it.

- What do you mean by "patriotic"?

- What should I invest in the concept of "patriotism"? In your understanding, what is it?

- The desire of the good of his country and the desire to own a "good" to do.

- Good. How many people around the world know that there is a country like Belarus, because I play tennis?

- I think that's enough.

- Is not it said that I represent Belarus? What do you suggest I do better? Up if the level of tennis in Belarus during this time? Up if the level of enthusiasm of people in this kind?

- If we do not count you, the level of tennis in the country has even fallen.

- Why not? There Olga Govortsova, a player she first hundred.

- Yes, but in our tennis is you and everyone else. And if we take the results in men's tennis, and the hopes that were pinned on the same Govortsova, now the situation is worse than it was.

- Do you mean that I should raise men's tennis in Belarus ? I try to help the Belarusian tennis. But I can not give it all when I have to play the most. If I did not show such results, you would not ask me such questions, is not it?

- Do not you think that if you combine the potential Azarenka and Govortsova, Belarus will qualify for the trophy in the Fed Cup?

- Yes, there is great potential. We'll see.

- Before you once had an exhibition match with Caroline Wozniacki. Do you plan to organize something like this in the future?

- I planned to do it last year, but did not support me here. In the future, I still plan to hold such games. I want to promote tennis in Belarus. I want to have my sport appeared as many fans, so they can see world-class players. For me this is one of the main objectives, and the games will be as support my charity.

- You can find more information?

- This fund is not yet operational, opened just a couple of weeks ago. Fund is called «The dreaming heart foundation». It is designed for all children, regardless of any disease. We will try to fulfill their dreams.

- What did you mean by "is not supported the initiative to hold another charity match?"

- A lot of things went wrong. I was a little upset by this. No, it is not planned to match with Caroline Wozniacki.

- How important for the Belarusian tennis presidential decree on support? "When I first started playing, we did not have the opportunities and conditions, which are now in tennis. From my point of view, now many people do not appreciate what they have."

- It's very big, invaluable help personally Alexander G.. When I first started playing, we did not have the opportunities and conditions, which are now in tennis. From my point of view, now many people do not appreciate what they have in this regard. But, of course, there is no limit to perfection. Many things should improve in our view. But the fact that there is now, at least, more courts - is immediately obvious.

- Alexander Gerasimenya recently created a project "Goldfish". Do you have any plans to, say, a tennis academy? Or tournament prizes Victoria Azarenka?

- While not thought about it. I try to do what I can. To organize tournaments, you need to be here, to be in control and to be strongly involved in the process. I do not have much free time. But now I'm helping two talented girls according to their capabilities. In the future, I have such plans, but for now I'm busy with charity fund and help this young tennis players.

- Could you name names?

- This is Juliana and Kate Fungus, two sisters, 13 and 11 years. Juliana recently played the tournament, went to look at it.

- Do you think that they need to stay in Belarus, or there is not enough conditions for progress?

- It's not the conditions and the weather. And I wait for the opening of new halls. I do not want to go somewhere, I grew up here. I want my base was here. Hopefully in the future it will be.

- You - a recognized star Belarusian sport. What do you think should be done to ensure that more young boys and girls went to the tennis?

- A lot of things. We have so many aspects that can be improved ... and for that, I believe, stand out serious finance. But I do not see the improvements that might occur. These are just words.

- Does round friendship between the players?

- There is a kind of friendship. But I can not name any of the players to their best friend. Rivalry on the court leaves its mark. Friendliness, acceptance - yes, me with many interesting to talk to athletes, going to the movies, out to dinner. I'm friends with Masha Kirilenko, we had played a couple. It was probably the best my partner, we had fun. There was a lot of common interests. Have the same Lena Vesnina. In fact, I have quite a lot of friends, I'm afraid someone forget.

- Do you limit your social circle?

- I talk to the same people as in 12-13 years. In this regard, I have changed little. Yes, there are more familiar. But with all of those people with whom I have spoken before, keep in touch. In the same palace tennis ...

- Do you listen to the Russian-language music, read a Russian-language literature?

- Yes, I read Russian music ... Oops . Yes, I read books and newspapers in Russian. I am not an American, though recently talking more in English. My favorite bands - DDT, "Animals", just recently managed to get to their concert. In headphones before matches played very different music.

- A soloist of "Beasts" know who is on the show? Are you familiar with Roma Beast?

- No. I wanted to come as the common man. Then I was just off the plane, very sleepy. But in general, I liked the concert.

- Do you experience inadequate fans?

- To me someone came inadequate - this was not. And on the Internet a lot of crazy. I sometimes hard to understand the degree of fanaticism me some. While on the other hand, it is nice, of course.

- Wozniacki imitated Serena's bust, Novak Djokovic loves jokes. Do you have any ideas in this regard?

- That imitate I did not intend. Humor can have a different perception. And I like to joke. Once read, that I have no sense of humor. And I was highly amused. I realized that the person does not know me. If there were not so many cameras, I would, perhaps, and told one of his last jokes .

- The women's question. What love to spend the prize?

- This is exactly the woman question? I have everything in life is. And if some things do not, I just go out and buy. But the more I love to give presents.

- You can take stock of our meeting? It seems that you were one of its main organizers.

- Not one, but the main thing! Always wanted to do it, glad I found the time that you were able to prepare for the meeting!

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