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Re: Jelena Jankovic Cheering Thread - 2013 Season - Volume 14

Originally Posted by MB. View Post
Am I the only one not mad at Serena? I don't think Serena meant it in an evil/malicious way, she's not the type.

Jeca was correct though--server sets the pace.
Originally Posted by Renalicious View Post
I'm definitely not mad at Serena. Now let's just stop this shit. It's ridiculous to blame the match on one thing Serena said.
Neither do I, I didn't even notice anything while watching the match. If it hadn't been for this crazy forum I would still be oblivious of it.
Nor do I think it had anything to do with the outcome - we can't seriously expect Jelena to be able to just walk out on the court after a couple of years of basically being a journeywoman and beat a player who's been virtually unplayable for quite a while, and who played extremely well that day (I think this must be their best encounter so far, quality wise). I'm ecstatic at the thought Jelena pulled up such a great fight. If she's serious about her tennis again, she just needs to try to keep focus and stay on that level at the following tournaments now that she has the momentum. In 2011 she looked like she regained the momentum after some good 3 set wins, only to go back to square one soon afterwards. I just hope that's not what'll happen again.
As for Serena, I don't have a clue what she's being blamed for, I think her outbursts are totally hilarious and harmless, and this wasn't even an outburst. I think they both wanted to impose their own paces, and Jelena should have been more assertive and composed instead of getting pissed off, but I think she was just too nervous about the lead, so some kind of choking was inevitable (her not using any of the chances Serena gave her in the second).
Still, some of Serena's fans (not trolls) in the GM are really too much - the way they hate on Jelena just because they're so scared of her. Which is also awesome.

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