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Re: Roger Ebert dies at age 70

Originally Posted by ampers& View Post

His review of "Do The Right Thing" (my favorite movie ever) is legendary!

True fact: When my sister's and I saw this movie and 'Mayor' came on the screen we all yelled the same thing across the movie theater (we couldn't possible sit together as we all liked watching from different spots in the theater)..... what did we yell, "That's DADDY!"

Now we don't know if that character is based on our dad, I would love to ask Spike Lee one day but he's kind of crazy now so I don't know if I would get an honest answer. However, my dad was born and raised in Brooklyn, he lived most of his life around the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, he was the neighborhood drunk who walked around talking to everybody telling them what to do and the kicker is everyone in the neighborhood called him 'Mayor'. The only difference between my dad and the character was that the character was much nicer than my dad ... Oh and my dad wasn't as old as the character.

RIP Roger, I loved his reviews because he didn't take himself too seriously. He could enjoy movies because they were joyous and they didn't all have to be multi-layered, character driven snoozefests to get good ratings. If a movie made him smile and leave the theater a littler happier than when he went in that was good enough... He could enjoy the everyman film as much as the art film.
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