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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Hi Miranda

Your brother seems to be a little coward Did he treat the family of his wife badly ? Is he saying bad things about them ? I don't think so He would be much too be afraid of his wife Your sister in law is like a little kid.She is starting a "war" with you but if you start to fight back then she is offended.

Don't waste your hate for so childish and hypocrite people Maybe she thinkis she is a princess ?

I also think the second story is true ,because sometimes when a story is too gruesome then it's better for the soul to invent a new story.

My brother have to eat a lot of pills (you know his other illness) .That's the reason why he turned from a slim man into a not so slim man.He have Diabetes Type II .This is not so dangerous...He have to take pills against it but he don't need injections...

My mama still have to make some chemos but she is feeling good

See you
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