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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Thanks for your input,Protoss

On to a slightly different note,I have a couple ideas that I might implement if I were the WTA Chief

One of them would be changing the reporting in the WTA webpage;I'd make it subtly clear that we didn't suffer joke-worthy players.Instead of,"____ retired from the Memphis final with an illness...," we'd have,"..._____ quit after the first set of the Memphis final,even though she showed no signs of illness whatsoever either during the match or in the trophy photo shoot afterwards when she conveniently recovered from her mystery ailment."

We might also have,"______ backed out of her commitment to play Stuttgart,claiming to have a serious stomach virus,even though she was seen,by many,laughing and smiling on the beach with her bf on the same date that the serious virus supposedly forced her to withdraw."

I wouldn't be able to control--nor would I try that hard--when members of the media took photos of various players,yet aye COULD control how often players were exposed on the WTA website or at official events.Habitual tankers would no longer have their faces displayed on tourney promotional material(unless certain tourney bosses wanted to get on my Shit List),and they would become non-persons,a` la old USSR,in the photo galleries on our webpage.There'd be a shot of 3 women side by side,but the photo would be spliced so that the tanker was cut out of the photo as you only saw 2 gals.

They'd QUICKLY get the message,far better than they would from getting fined.Not having their photos anywhere on WTA promo media would be the worst punishment that some of those shallow wannabe cover girls could ever receive.If they complained to my office,I'd tell them,"Largate,pinche golfa!And go get a damned fitness coach!Oh,and if you decide to bring your unemployed bf to a tournament with you,then you should think about getting separate hotel rooms...or at least show a smidge of self-discipline if you have a match the next day.I don't wanna see you huffing and puffing in the 2nd set just b/c you got your brains f--ked out....AGAIN....the night before a match!"

If we implemented those types of policies consistently,we'd have a lot less wasted potential in the WTA

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