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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Hello gala

My brother is always heartless and mean. He is only good to his wife and kids May be both me, my mum and sister were belonged to the part of his unhappy memory when my dad was torturing us that he wanted to get rid of, so he hated us too. What is more, his wife always tell bad things about us and he believed him so he hates us more. But come on, you are a mature man, you have your judgment. How could we have the "power" to bully his wife??!! She simply does not let other talks in an argument. She just keeps on talking about her complaints and ignoring your response, and when you want to fight back, she simply hang up the phone

Anyway, I don’t think he will ever changed. I want him to get his punishment some day along with his evil wife………

My sister in law always blamed us for having no monies. She thinks our parents should buy her a flat and hires her servants but however, this is contradictory to what she always said. She said we should not ask for others’ support but to support yourself (because she does not want to give us this little monthly allowace) so how come her always want monies from us since she said we have to support our own self?, what a hypocrite . I HATE HER TO MY GUTS, I HATE HER and my brother

Well, don’t be sad about the animals. Because I guess actually it’s the second story which Pi told was true, what do you think? I think the story with his mother and sailor on board is more reliable?

I am sorry that your brother has diabetes, he eats too much sweet things? Can it be cured?

Thanks for your kindness. My cheek is not really swollen but I always, especially when I lie down on bed, that I feel as if some “air” is being “blowed” into my right cheek that it got a “full” feeling, just like some air is being blowed into a balloon and that balloon feels “tight and tense”? Anyway, I have to take care of my M stuff first. Coz I have finished eating the “comforting medicines” the doctor gave me and my M is coming again and I need to have another check up soon as the doctor advised so

Thanks again for your kindness which I never thanked enough

How is your mum? Have all her chemos finished?

See you and take care

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life...true love, the deepest, purest, most beautiful thing in the universes. Ennis and Jack have TRUE LOVE. They are SOULMATES. They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.

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