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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

Hi Miranda

You are not long winded my friend

I see your brother is very generous I find it very very unfair that he let you pay for everything.You support your mama (and father) since many years .I mean your brother is not a poor man .He have a good income and so he should be more generous...

Your sister in law is really mental ill Her illness is called greediness !!!!She should be much more thankful to your lovely mother.You know like mothers are ? They always want to help their kids/grand childrenI think your sister in law knows this ....
The comment about "she have no kids/husbands" is just tasteless Just tell her "better to be alone ,than to find someone who is foolish like you"

It was sad because of the animals Yes,I think the message of the movie is "to believe in something,because believing means hope".You know God have many names ....

My oldest brother cooked for us all He is a really good cook and even he have diabetes he is trying all the recipes he can find ..He use than less calories...

Don't worry Mimiranda Maybe you have an infection inside the cheek ? Go to the doctor but first use some ice .Maybe it can help against the swollen cheek....Here comes a big feel better hug

Grandma Miranda We are two old ladies but we are so young in our hearts that we always stay fresh

See you

I always cheer for Monica
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