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Re: Kaia Kanepi Cheering Thread!!!

What are your goals for coming season? How much did your injury affect your preparation?

Main goal is to get healthy. Iím not making any ranking goals, Iím just hoping my feet would withstand and I could restore my level of tennis. Injury has affected my preparation a lot. In November and December I didnít play at all any tennis, in January I played without moving around on court, just standing and taking few steps. Since March I have been able to play more properly.

One sports journalist (In Estonia) thought that your feet are finally out of order. Is your career resuming?

Of course, it is

I have wanted to photograph you while youíre competing in Estonia, when and where it is possible?

Unfortunately, in nearest future I am not playing any tournament in Estonia.

I have always been interested in how players prepare to play totally unknown player? Is it true that it is possible to learn about opponent by pre match warm-up?

Opponent reveals a few days or a day before the match and training sessions can still peek to how someone plays. If the opponent is unknown, I should focus more on myself. Pre-match warm-up is only 5 minutes and everyone can play then. Match situation shows opponents pros and cons.

If you compare womenís and menís tennis You can clearly see that womenís matches are more unpredictable. In menís tennis there could be a long period when points are played but nothing changes the full picture. Seems that serving and braking service games is a key factor. Is it true that in menís tennis there is less service brakes cause of mental strength or is there anything else? Thanks, and wish you success!

I think that men are more confident and maybe are thinking less about other things during a match, also cause men are physically stronger they can force more strength and stability when serving and thatís why there are less service brakes as it is more difficult to return serve.

Which are the 3-4 tournaments after a pause that you intend to play?

I want to play Katowice, Marrakesh, Estoril and Madrid.

Are your heels cured or you can sense slight pain during training? I really hope to see you competing!

I cannot sense any pain during training sessions no more. After hard training they might become a bit sore.

Do you plan to play Fed Cup?
At this point it is unclear.

What was most difficult during long injury pause and what are your main goals now. A lot of success, endurance and health!

[The most important was that I couldnít play properly tennis and I missed competition feeling, Goal is to feel good while competing and take good care of my feet.

We awaited you at Indian Wells. So see you in 2014?

I plan to play next year at Indian Wells for sure.

Please describe your training routines that youíve had lately. What have you been concentrating on?

Lately, I have played more tennis points as feet have allowed to. A few times a week I go to gym and a few times a week I go to athletics hall to prepare myself better. I have concentrating on quality and intensity not so much on time spent on court.

Great news Kaia! Hopefully this time you'll stay healthy and injury free How do you feel about your injury and form at the moment? Which tournament are you considering starting with? Do you have a coach now? Have a great year in the tour!

At the moment I feel confident and very good on my feet and trainings are not bothering my feet anymore. Letís see how I will manage tensity of competions. I will begin next week in Poland. At the moment I donít have a certain coach.

What about your fitness? How do you evaluate your shape?

Fitness is very important to me. When I get older I have to be healthy and same time time fast and strong.
I believe I am in a good shape at the moment but let the competitions show the situation I am in.

How was off-season for you, and do you consider did it help you in the end to have a longer rest?

In December I was training two weeks in Thailand which was a good alternate to cold Estonian weather. This time during off-season I could rest a lot more and I believe it redound good. Before operation I was very fed up of tennis but now after 6 months brake I want to compete very much.

Any special skill trained lately? PS! Your volley was killer in Brisbane in 2012.

Mind power ☺

Did you watch football match between Estonia and Holland?

Unfortunately, I didnít see that match though I peeked a bit the match between Estonia and Andorra.

What have you changed in your game to brake through?

I have not changed my game. I still play on the baseline mostly and I have become better at that department. I'm more mature player now and very large changes do not make sense at this stage to bring more to the game.

Do you plan to play French Open? And have you an idea if you will be playing doubles too?

Of course I plan to play French Open. I donít know about doubles yet. It depends on how my feet are.


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