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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by ozza View Post
Interesting you bring up McIlroy so I'll link this to Caro at the end. But McIlroy is under big pressure to find his form, he's obviously recently signed a well publicised $250m sponsorship deal. Every day his form stays bad is hurting Nike, he's had a well publicised change of golf clubs of which may have nothing to do with his dip in form, but they right are an easy excuse/target and thus every day his current form goes on hurts Nike. Supposedly Nike are not happy at all with McIlroy's start to the year, and he's being urged that he has to find his form before The Masters which starts next week (where a lot more eyes will be watching his form), so it's likely Nike have urged him to play this week (this is from UK newspapers).

Bringing this to Caro, you have to wonder if she is under any sort of similar pressures. She's under-performing, is there any pressure on her to get better? We know famously Nike had a "pep-talk" with Serena when she was under-performing many years ago.
I haven't heard of Caro being under such pressures. Her contracts weren't really huge and high profile like Rory's. My guess is that such pressures generally aren't helpful to performance and probably hurt it some though.

As far as I'm concerned, Caro being dropped potentially by some sponsors isn't a big deal. She's made a lot of money just in prize money alone not to mention endorsements. She should be financially set for her life after tennis already.

Clothing and racquet deals are common and with her looks and top 10ish status it's hard for me to imagine Caro not getting offered those type of deals should she be dropped by Adidas and Yonex.

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