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Re: Lucie Safarova Cheering Thread - Volume 2

Originally Posted by Davodus View Post
Lucie's level dropped to something far worse than this in her previous slumps, and she got it back together. It's a cycle for her, she's clearly emotional, but there's no specific explanation for her slumps. I fail to see how anyone could say with any authority that pavs is influencing her negatively just because you think Pavs doesn't care that she isnt playing well. She came to Brisbane much fitter and played great and made the final. They both have their own independent issues. I really cannot understand any reasoning for saying she has to sacrifice or change her friendship with Pavs because her confidence is low. If anything it's probably good she has a friend that close.

I mean when you read this its pretty clear she felt stifled for a long time when she was with Berdych, and making these new friends/opening herself up to people has freed her up quite a lot.

The source of this slump could even come down to a poor off season, we could theorise for days but it won't make us any closer to knowing.
I wasn't implying to sacrifice their friendship, I was simply suggesting if each has independent issue and teaming up together doesn't really seem to be the remedy (which is the Pattern I mentioned), maybe they could save some of the BFF time to focus on their own problems

Maybe I shouldn't say "I'm just glad Pavs is not there" which doesn't seem to be the right attitude, I apologize

Not sure if I've read that article you linked, but I do feel for her having difficult times in her personal life and was more than happy of her personal high ranking and sublime ending in the Fed Cup last year

I'm not questioning, and would NEVER, her determination to go out of this slump, again IT'S the pattern that worries me and I would love to see/welcome any change
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