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Originally Posted by Natural Joe View Post
^ You think we're being mean? Yeah, it's really obvious you haven't been to GM yet.

I think the next match against Serena will be really important for Maria's future in this match-up. If she's able to make it competitive again it is probably a sign that she will eventually beat Serena, as did Vika (who had a somewhat close match in Wimbledon, nearly beat her at the USO, finally did it in Doha - okay, Olympics was in between but Serena was just on another level there). If the next match between Maria and Serena is NID and one-sided again it will be hard to imagine that Maria will beat her anytime soon. Of course even if that is the case I'm not one of those who are saying that Maria will never beat Serena again because Serena will have more off days as she gets older and I think it'll be inevitable that Maria can take advantage of that eventually.
Yeah I don't intend to go there aaaaanytime soon

I think Maria is on the cusp of beating Serena, in Doha she played well until Serena hot a booming FH winner. There's a video on YouTube from their charleston match of Joyce coaching Maria and it explains the problem. She doesn't like being overpowered and finds Serena's power intimidating. I mean of course she doesn't actually say that but the way Joyce coached her to ignore what she does made it sooo obvious. I feel the wins coming, it's inevitable. They're going to meet a lot this year I think, so she has to keep trying different things. For a set and a half she was the better player. Even Serena said that.
Originally Posted by oh yeah i guess View Post
I think we're all a bit kinder to Sharapova than Sharapova fans are to Vika.

But whatever you do, avoid GM, unless you want to get excessive .gif use poisoning.
the usual stuff I'm sure. I loved how they went from freaking out and cussing at Serena and stuff to gloating like usual after the match it's beyond comical now.

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Is it really her? because one time i had a two week conversation with Kirsten Dunst, before i realised she was a fake one
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