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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
My POINT was that you were right that a coaching change wouldn't be successful if Caro didn't really want one......BUT,if she IS completely unwilling to consider another coach,then that indicates emotional dependency on an unhealthy level(in CAREER terms,not necessarily in her personal life where she obviously has a nice relationship with Rory).Also,a rigid refusal to consider anyone else would belie Caro's supposed desire to regain elite status if she continued dropping in the rankings with no solution in sight.It would indicate that Caro was content with being merely decent...and that any talk of winning a Slam was just HOT AIR.:
Firstly I do think there is a degree of "hot air" to some of what Caro says. When she said a few months ago "my goal this year is to win a grand slam." I find it hard to believe she truly believes that is coming, it comes across as PR talk. Once upon a time it would be easy to convince yourself that winning a grand slam was almost a formality (and with good reason), right now I find it hard to believe she believes she is close to slam winning level.

Secondly tbf she isn't really dropping in the rankings anymore, her decline in that sense has halted in that she's not getting any worse. She's stagnated in her curve now and in the rankings. We don't really have any idea if she believes the solution to regaining elite status is in sight. We can base our own opinions on what we see going on in her career, but even we don't really have the full picture of what's going on behind the scenes, and we're certainly not in Caro's mind to know what she is thinking.

Really the crux of the argument is in a vacuum I think Caro would be better off with a differing coaching team. But in practice I know it could only work if Caro also wants it, there is no "in a vacuum" when applied to reality. There is obviously some emotional attachment to Piotr, but we also just don't know if she truly believes she can turn it around with Piotr or not.
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