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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

On coaches - I think there is far too much speculation here about it supposedly proving that Caro isn't motivated or that she's content or whatever because she stays with Piotr. I don't believe Caro staying with Piotr prove any such thing. But there is no doubt that there is a deep underlying trust she has for him built up over many years which has just not been there for her other coaches. The amount of deep down trust and confidence (as opposed to intellectually agreeing with her coach) will be tested the most during matches when she has bad defeats and when things don't go well in a match.

Her situation could be worse and she doesn't have a coach at all!. JJ went several months in 2009 without a coach and she always got worse when that happened. At least with Piotr - he's always there for her.

I think though that there were two different sets of circumstances with Sanchez and TJ and why she let both go. And she and her team need to learn from that and try to make a coach work as a long term proposition if she ever is ready for another go at this:

I think the biggest problem with TJ was the fact that he was not with Caro all the time. So much of the time he was away - Piotr was then the full-time coach so she tries to take on board some of TJs ideas but is coached by Piotr because TJ is away. Looking back - I'm not surprised now that she decided she got what she wanted from TJ but would just have Piotr.

The impression I got with Sanchez was that he was like an outsider - an add-on to the team rather than an integral part singing from the same hymn sheet. And he had his own ideas but were they exactly the same as the others in the team? I always noticed that any group photos he was in he was stuck out on the outside - and that's if he was in the photo at all.. With TJ and Piotr I think there was a conscious effort by both of them to work really closely together. But with Sanchez - I never got the impression that the two worked closely together to ensure they were saying the same things to Caro - and this eventually just confused her.

Anyway in summary - nothing to do with Caro being content - I think it's totally unrealistic that Caro will just completely replace Piotr whatever her results. For it to work - the coach must be an inner part of the team, 100% always there and that Piotr and the coach must be completely at one so that Caro regards what each says with confidence and they never contradict to cause her confusion.

Caroline Wozniacki

Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Kim Clijsters

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