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Originally Posted by ozza View Post
Tbf while I am against Caro's current team situation. We don't know they are doing the same things. They can't be that oblivious to her decline, they have to be doing something (whether it's the right thing is up for debate).

The problem with your first point is there are a lot of other factors in play. For one Caro is clearly carrying a lot of mental baggage now. She has taken a lot of hits to her mental psyche, she maybe be able to rubbish them off in interviews, but it's clear from her matches vs some of the top players (Radwanska the most obvious example) she just doesn't believe she is going to win anymore, she has nowhere near the mental belief she once did. You can't just flick a switch and then that belief comes back.

The longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to brush off tough losses. Back in 2010-11, Caro went into every match with confidence in her game. Even against someone like Kim she probably went on to court relishing the challenge. When you are winning, you relish challenges. Now Caro doesn't have the same confidence in her game, and I get the feeling when she plays some of the top players she doesn't relish playing them at all anymore, she feels beaten before the match even begins. That is hard to overcome.
As for your first point,it's possible that Piotr and crew are doing new things,but when you see how hard-headed he is about getting Caro an experienced,full-time coach,why should we give him the benefit of the doubt when we've been seeing the same results I mentioned?

Your explanation was unnecessary,really because,as you may have noticed,I used the word 'hypothetically'.I'm well aware of everything that you posted above in re loss of confidence,and I even touched on that in the last paragraph(i.e.,that Caroline felt the extra effort would be in vain).However,a drop in confidence is only DIFFICULT,not at all IMPOSSIBLE to overcome.Though you probably have zero interest,Super Bowl-winning QB Joe Flacco was notorious for choking under pressure in past years.However--though I don't know exactly HOW he overcame his old stumbling block--he began to make strides late in the 2011 season and,last year,he had one of the most remarkable 4-game postseason runs in NFL history.Mind you,Flacco is about 27 or 28 years old,so he has matured as a PERSON,obviously but,in principle,Caro could become clutch(once more),too.Going back to what we've discussed,though,Caroline has no BASIS for confidence right now...partly b/c of the disappointing results you mentioned,and partly b/c Piotr has NO ANSWERS right now

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