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Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Peggy Lee (totally different genre of course) did the opposite. In her early pre-fame days when she had to sing for often rowdy and boorish crowds that didn't pay much attention she said that her tactic to make them listen was singing softly. Than they would have to keep quiet themselves or they wouldn't hear what was going on onstage. And it nearly always worked she said.
Btw,that word I used resembles a profane word,but it means something else in Mexican Spanish....That's an interesting bit of psychology that Peggy Lee used.My mom told me a story about Dionne Warwick who got VERY angry and told a single fan to sit down--that she wasn't finished--when he got up and left his seat.He then replied,'My psychic advisor told me that I'd shit my pants if I didn't go to the bathroom right now'

.....He didn't actually say that,but he DID merely get up to use the bathroom,he mentioned to a reporter afterwards.It would have been nice if he HAD made the comment above,don't you think?

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