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Been taking a trip down memory lane with Slade. The name probably won't ring a bell, but they were huge in the days of my youth. Only in the US they never really caught on. But they had countless hits everywhere else, many #1's. They never ranked as high for me as the more 'serious' singer/songwriters, soul and funk artists, prog-rockers, blues rockers, country rockers and jam bands of the time, but I nevertheless had a soft spot for them. They sorta fell between the bands that you were supposed to take seriously and the commercial teenybopper acts. On the one hand they were too kitsch for those of us in the know (well, we thought we knew ), but on the other hand they were also too rock'n'roll to completely dismiss them. In short, they were a guilty pleasure that you didn't really feel guilty about. Besides, I never felt guilty about anything anyway. I 'even' liked (AND still like) Abba!

Anyway, I hadn't listened to them for literally decades until yesterday. But those old tunes still sound very catchy to me. For some good old honest rock'n'roll that just wants to excite and entertain Slade still sounds better than almost anyone else to me.....And be warned, they had the reputation of being the loudest band in the world, so be careful not to blow up your speakers.

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