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Originally Posted by The Leopard
I hope Kim does not end up as # 1 at the end of the year. If she does, I damn sure hope that she wins the YEC to get there.

This is not coz I dislike Kim. Quite the contrary, I like her a lot. She's an exciting player, seems like a nice person, is very consistent and can get wins over just about anyone. But it does look a bit bad when the end-of-year # 1 got there without a really big win and with someone seeming to have the edge over her head-to-head.

Still, if she does end up as # 1 at year end she'll have had a remarkable year in her way. I hope she doesn't cop too much flak for it. If she manages to win the YEC again it will give her more of a claim to be the "real" # 1.
Considering her play at the big tournaments lately.....wouldn´t bet on that.

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