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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Goldenlox makes some good points above,but it's worth noting that none of the three players ever strongly argued with her play that she was the best tenista on the planet...or was capable of staying at that level for many years.

AI had the most God-given talent of the three;she COULD've been a fixture in the Top 5 with her ability.She's been a fringe Top 15 player,or worse,for virtually her entire career,yet managed to overachieve for a flukish 12-month period from Spring 2007-Spring 2008 during which she was fortunate to mostly avoid the elite players and got most all of her big wins over weaker lights such as Dani,Dinara or JJ...and then was gifted a fluke Slam by Henin's sudden 1st retirement.Once the immature little girl realized how much pressure went with being a true champion,she withdrew and QUIT on tennis...content with being pampered by her WTA enablers who help her perpetuate the myth that she belonged with the all-time greats...and manipulate her as eye candy for a niche audience until she's no longer attractive enough to serve that superficial purpose....If she keeps refusing to eat,that might happen sooner than she anticipated

With JJ and Caro,their more defensive,counterpuncher styles almost forced them to maintain a peak level in order to hold on to a high ranking.I read lots of commentary from neutral,non-basher parties during both of their runs at #1,and virtually no one spoke in terms of either one racking up lots of Slam titles.There was always a sense that the two were very GOOD players--yet not super--and that their levels would drop off somewhat whenever the depth of competition rose.To her credit,Caroline sustained her ranking longer than many expected,though she was aided,in part,by injuries that sidelined some great players for extended periods.As they're not nearly as shallow as the other member of the trio,it's a lot harder to read JJ and Caro.Still,I'd call it a plausible theory that each failed to win a Slam during her reign as #1...and was then hit with a sense of resignation.It's quite possible,of course,that those thoughts never entered their minds...that just seemed like a plausible explanation for the drop in intensity that each suffered

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