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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 6

Hypothetically speaking,Caro might really believe that she's not doing so badly(in the grander scheme of things,she's still a fairly-high-ranked player).She might tell herself that she's only a couple spots away from being in YEC...and that she'll somehow manage to close that relatively-small gap.

On the other hand,she might just be feeding us a bunch of B.S. rhetoric;she may have come to the conclusion that she's had her moments and will never close the gap to regain top status.Given her lack of wins vs. elite players,it'd be understandable if Caroline had that sense of resignation and merely tried to maximize her results with the status quo for as long as she's able to motivate herself to stay in playing shape.

It would be just a whole lot of guesswork to infer Caro's mindset at this point.However,if she drops out of the Top 15,then even most gullible idiots won't be able to rationalize that everything is supposedly okay.Taking it to an absurd extreme,it'd be pretty pitiful if Piotr had early-onset dementia...began talking with imaginary elven friends...and Caro STILL insisted on keeping him as coach.On a much saner level,it'd be bad enough if Caro dropped completely out of realistic YEC contention and maintained her refusal to get a serving coach simply because Dad didn't take the initiative to do so.She'll open herself up to criticism that she's emotionally weak and overly dependent on daddy--or that she's a phony and never cared that much about tennis in the first place...the argument from skeptics being that any true champion would pursue all logical options to regain the glory.

Lastly,I consider the Tennis Culture to be a sport of enablers;under the guise of being 'civilized',even the so-called outspoken ex-player/commentators are usually too chickenshit to call things as they are.To be 100% clear,I'm making a broad distinction between know-nothing GM trolls(and similar fans)and legitimate experts whose opinions have credibility and could motivate certain underachievers to get their act together(it seems to happen MUCH,much more in other sports than it does in tennis).How much great talent gets wasted in the ATP and WTA just b/c ass-kissers like Stacy Allaster--and whoever the hell the ATP chief is--have created a culture where Accountability barely exists??

I've already mentioned Lisicki's disgrace in Memphis a few weeks ago,but let's cross the ATP fence this time and imagine if a hard-nosed ex-champion like Shannon Sharpe were an ex-tennis player.We might get something like: "ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!Tsonga just QUIT in that final set.He might as well just walk off the court instead of feeding us that kind of chickenshit performance!A one-legged dwarf rabbit would've put up a braver fight than Tsonga just did!He embarrassed the tournament,he embarrassed the entire sport,and he flat-out CHEATED the fans today.If he had an ounce of integrity,he'd donate his runner-up check to some local charity,cuz he didn't earn a red cent of it with that gutless turd he just laid on center court.ATP boss Joe Blow REALLY needs to think hard about whether to use that assclown for any more promo work,because honest fans won't wanna spend their hard-earned money supporting a bunch of jerk-offs who don't respect the sport.If the PLAYERS don't respect it,then why should any fans??"

I sort of used Tsonga at random there cuz a few of you have posted that he was an underachiever;for all I know,he might never stoop to such depths.Bottom line is: Tennis could stand a HELLUVA lot more candor on the WTA side.I don't watch enough ATP to speak authoritatively on it,yet I'm fairly confident that some of those swishy man-purse carriers occasionally put forth the same kind of nonsense that we get from the WTA too often

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