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Re: Laura Robson: The Silver Medal Years 2012-

I just think Laura needs some strict discipline instilling into her game before it disintegrates completely. Not only the game but her attitude and application, especially when she gets behind and going into 3 sets.

Like it or not, men are much more aggressive and competitive than women and will take a lot more criticism & almost verbal abuse about their performances than a lot of women will. A bit of soul searching and argument might come better from a woman than her current coach, who looks like he eats babies for breakfast. There are always exceptions but Laura does not seem to have an all consuming desire to win, or even to improve, but given where she is at, she is not going to make it by just continuing her current practice regime and hoping to take the practice sessions onto court.

Someone who will lay it on the line with some motivational words - maybe not a full blown female coach but possibly a top female athlete/sportswoman who can inspire & show what it takes in attitude & commitment to reach the top.

Laura has a lot going for her but she needs someone to mold her game. There are 2 sides to game play - how well you hit the ball is only half the battle - more important is whether it was the right shot to play. The second part is difficult to learn in practice. You need match play where your opponent is trying to do to you what you are doing to them and coming up with unexpected shots & angles. If you can't work it out on court (which Laura obviously can't at the moment because as soon as her opponents dig in and up their game, she just folds), it has to be done by constant analysis & criticism of what went wrong in previous games. To be constantly looking at the bad bits and faults in your game means you need to have a respectful relationship with your coach/mentor. Maybe a mentor is more what I was thinking of than a coach. Given what we see of Laura on court & in interviews, I think she also needs a somewhat sympathetic approach to self criticism. Maybe Krajan is actually nice, friendly & cuddly but the only time I have ever seen him is looking serious and scowling on the sidelines. Then again he hasn't had much to smile about in 2013.

Laura is exceedingly good looking,(better looking than Kournikova but not as good a tennis player) so she could make pots of money without even getting into the top 20, as long as she keeps above the top 50. Think of the determination Sharapova must have had to come back from a career threatening shoulder injury when she made 5 or 10 times more money off court than on it. Who or how can that desire be instilled into Laura, because that is the main thing missing at the moment? Does she want it badly enough?

Heaven knows what Judy Murray will think when she gets Laura & Heather back for the Fed Cup.
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