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Re: SELES POWER !!!!!!! INVENCIBLE - vol 3

hello gala

thanks for your kindness, I hope its stress only, but somehow I think there may be some little polyps coz its not usual to have 2 consecutive experiences of M not totally finished/or come back? I am eating the medicines now and hope the next M turns better

our weather is horrible too. As this Wed was usuually hot just like Summer, so i thought the next day would be the same. It was stilll in mild temperature (just a little bit colder than the night before) when I woke up so i wore very little clothes. Then in the afternoon, heavy rains and wind came and i was shrivering

well, i don't like people cutting my nails and washing my stinky feet for me, i prefer my boss to be toilet cleaner

glad to hear that your mum is ok, please send her my best regards and thanks for you kindness my mum is ok at the moment

why you got so much stress in the last two days? Too much work? I hope you can get better today I also have a lot of stress in the past 2 weeks as my boss is flyign to Paris and she has lots of commands and changes

see you

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Ennis and Jack found something most people don't ever find in this life...true love, the deepest, purest, most beautiful thing in the universes. Ennis and Jack have TRUE LOVE. They are SOULMATES. They have a love so deep, so pure, so strong, that it transcends everything, it's eternal.

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