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Originally Posted by Jimmie48 View Post
Sorry but I disagree. With Lottner & Witthöft the question just is will they be able to maximize their potential. They may not, but there is a lot of potential there.

Annika on the other hand delivers results, the problem is that there's not as much potential to begin with than the other two. Her game just has some fundamental weaknesses, one being her serve that is at times very weak. The other thing is that she defends a lot and players that are mainly on the defense are bound to be figured out by their competitors sooner or later.

You got me wrong though, my post wasn't meant to criticize her at all, after all she's performing just like I expected and being in the Top 100 is nothing to shake a stick at. I was more critical of the expectations people put onto these girls who often go overboard, making results look worse than they actually are just because you expect too much.

Somebody who expects her to make the Top 30 might be disappointed by this, I'm not because I never had such high hopes to begin with.
First of all, I don't have an issue with disagreeing with you at all.

Yes, my point of view is that a (maybe) only semi-talented player who is 18 (now 19), who has already proven to be able to reach the Top 70 and has a very good work ethic on top of that is usually likely to have a better career than a hard hitting youth who hasn't won anything at all yet.
Again, how many of the latter appear every year? How many reach their "potential"?

I'm fine if you disagree with that, though.

What I don't like is writing off a young girl of 18 (19) who has at the very least proven to have some potential and many more years left to improve. And with her work ethic that is more than a remote possibility. You complain about 2-3 people believing she might crack Top 30. On the other hand how many times have I read in this thread alone that she has no more than 80-100 potential while she is ranked 66th as we speak.
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