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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
If they tested positive for PED I hope they would be suspended. For how long depends on how severe the offense was, whether it was done intentionally, and so on. But it probably doesn't even matter what the attitude of the WTA would be since testing in tennis leaves much to be desired, so the chance that anyone will ever get caught isn't that big. If someone gets caught doing heroine, smoking marihuana or sniffing coke I would want them to do nothing since they are not PED and it's none of their business as far as I'm concerned. If it's against the law, let the regular courts deal with it, just like they do with parking tickets or having a fight in a bar. We need the powers that be of tennis (or any other sport) to see to it that we have a level playing field and that no competitor gets an unfair advantage over the others. We don't need them to give us lessons in morality or to make sure that every player eats an apple everyday. That's always been my position, and I stick to it.
As for the narcotics,you ALMOST have a decent forensic argument,but it falls apart when you look at how much the ATP and WTA try to reach out to youth.If they made no attempt to do that--if they ONLY advertised the sport as entertainment for adults--THEN I'd be more open to your position.However,tennis DOES put emphasis on being a gentlemen's/ladies' sport and posit many of its champions as role models for youth,so it would be rank hypocrisy for them to play both sides in re moral issues.

Your Vika comments were certainly respectable,but the 'don't give a shit attitude' is far more admirable if she employs it as a career strategy towards the media and many critical fans.If that's her guide on how she treats and respects people,in general then,quite frankly,Vika is a perra.I honestly have no idea how Vika treats her handlers,or others she meets,off court,but I suspect that her feelings would be hurt if someone showed that attitude towards HER.I can tell you that AI is FAR from charming when you waft through the B.S. smokescreen that her p.r. team has created for her.I've never seen a 'nice,sweet' girl who bitched and complained so much on the practice court,frequently got rid of coaches and trainers as if they were disposable garbage,and blamed the rest of the world BESIDES HERSELF for her underachieving failures

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