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Re: New Pope Francis!

Originally Posted by Corswandt View Post
Excellent post. This problem of the tone has been noticed and commented on even by people within the Catholic hierarchy: (near the end of Cardinal Dolan's answer, c. 12:50) - "shrill scold".

The Catholic Church persists in being prescriptive w/r/t social issues, and always tries, through the pervasive power of its structure and its social and even political influence in many countries, to impose those views on others. It criticizes and excludes anyone who doesn't conform to its own perceptions on family issues and it criticizes organizations and politicians who are willing to give people the freedom not to follow the social/moral rules and perceptions the Catholic Church preaches.

Deep down, you can feel that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church still feels entitled to dictate moral rules to, and pass judgment on, every person within any society, and that it regrets no longer having the power it once had to enforce those rules and judgments.
Aye, that all be true. There is clearly a massive disconnect between the hierarchy and the people in the pews...I saw a poll last week that showed 55% of American Catholics support gay marriage (as I do, incidentally) which is unthinkable to the Pope and his cardinals.

They need to temper the rhetoric or risk alienating Catholics further.

I think the new Pope has done a very good job in his first week...the humble, modest tone and his obvious willingness to associate himself with his followers is very positive. You just know he's not far away from coming out with a mad, inflammatory comment about abortion or gays though.
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