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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
In re the scream/grunt comments in the other thread,the WTA has proven itself to be such a pathetic pamperer that it would NEVER risk irking its top players by cracking down on the 'audio'....UNLESS they learned that it was pushing large numbers of fans away,thus hurting the bottom line.The WTA still kisses ass on players who've been nearly irrelevant on court for almost 5 years,pretending that such players are JUST ABOUT to make their Godot comeback.

On a side note,most all of us remember how Hingis got a one-year drug suspension before choosing to retire again,but Martina was no longer an integral element in the WTA's future.So I'm wondering: If Masha,Vika,Serena,Aga or Li tested positive for either heroine or PEDs,do you think that the WTA would squelch it and just privately,strongly prod the player to clean up her act?Given the WTA's typical Star Treatment(pampering),I highly suspect that they might do that.

Back to the grunting,I can understand how it would bother fans,but the only one whose sound really gets to me is Vika's.Her emmittances sound so stupid,as if a bad actress were trying to IMITATE a WTA player's grunting.I'm not accusing her of simply sounds bizarre to me,like something that you couldn't emit by accident...yet maybe that's just her 'voice'.

It's fairly clear that Vika isn't completely lacking in character;otherwise,she couldn't have achieved such sustained success.I definitely wouldn't call her 'dumb' by any stretch,either.Still,she strikes me as really,really the sort of person you'd dread being stranded with indoors in a blizzard.E.g.,if you didn't share her favorite TV shows,musical groups or interest in fashion,she couldn't sustain an intelligent,interesting conversation for more than 30 minutes.She displays a notable lack of personality in her interviews and just seems very boring,without much creative spark....Vika reminds me of an old female acquaintance in the U.S. from many years ago.The younger President Bush's administration had invaded Afghanistan a few months prior,and I asked her if she had seen any news updates.....She had NO IDEA that a war was even going on

Vika is the tennis version of 'How to lose friends and alienate people'. Well, on this occassion it should be 'How to lose fans and alienate people'.

It's really curious that a person so successful can have so little appeal to the general public. Wondering why it might be I think it is a reflection of her own personal attitude. I think that she does this sport for herself and doesn't really care about others. She is in it to make a lot of money and fill up her trophy cabinet, that's basically it.
This could have something to do with the mentality of Eastern Europe (I'm from there). People,especially successful people, are rather individualistic and not so interested in supporting some sort of a community spirit.
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