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Re: Mirjana's spring 2013 campaign

I wish fabulous things for Mirjana in this draw!

This will also mark the end of my posts/commentary here. Gearing-up to move to Asia, work-wise.

A very happy move.

As documented, I have been a fan of Mirjana since I was a California tennis magazine editor in 1997 and then met her slugging-it-out a decade later (by total chance!) in a total crap-hole in Ft. Walton Beach, FL ... Where she was sad-but-charming, and where she kicked Irina Begu's ass (much to the displeasure of Begu's chain-smoking mama, who bitched at me for cheering for Miki ... and I told her to STUFF it -- I certainly knew tennis etiquette ... Especially in a horror-hole like the club in FWB. Mirjana crushed her in the last two sets and, when congratulated, said very humbly: "Thanks. It's nice because she beat me two weeks ago." All the while, she was scanning the "draw" ... which was a dirty white-board at that godforsaken event.

I will never forget the opinion of a (very pleasant & flashy) Croatian gentleman who came to see her play, with his very kind wife, and who said: "Well, she is nothing. It is useless. Mentally, she is done."

I did not know enough to counter him with a strong opinion at that particular time, but she must have been ranked in the 300s. You could see that her thin fingers were ice-cold, because it was a vicious Florida winter, icy and wicked humid, in that weird panhandle of Florida.

Wow. Was that a$$hole ever wrong about Mirjana. She went on to play upon the greatest stages in her sport again, against all odds, and we see her playing her best this season.

Following Mirjana's results, particularly with such knowledgeable fans, has been a pleasure and I have learned so much. I am perhaps too direct and overbearing and opinionated, but too bad. There are worse things to endure in life than strong opinions. I wish I had been more diplomatic, but I am hoping that many of you are players, and understand the particular interest in competition.

Perhaps I wouldn't have been so full of opinions if I were not a USTA 5.0-rated player, and if I were not a very aggressive player like Mirjana ... although I know how to play the %'es! I certainly may have jabbered-on too much, and I apologize, but at least I am a hungry player (and winner) of the game.

I hope Mirjana experiences the key breakthrough she has been working to achieve: a Slam QF, SF, or a WTA singles title.

I honestly don't know if she will manage that, but I absolutely believe she can do that much.

Kudos to her and to all her great fans when it happens. And for anyone whose nose got out of joint because I posted here ... Get real.

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