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Re: *Vika Azarenka Cheering Thread* - Vikalume 4.

Originally Posted by hurricanejeanne View Post
My relationship with Pova over the years has been quite bizarre.
I hated her because she beat Lindsay at Wimbledon (I was devastated). And I'll be the first to admit I was overjoyed with the double bagel, though Maria was on Saturn during that entire match.

However, when Maria developed the shoulder problem around the same time I developed my own shoulder problem, I developed a new found respect for her knowing how much pain I was in just in day-to-day life knowing she was out there trying to play a sport. I respect her for what's she's accomplished thus far in her career, especially the fact that she's come all the way back from the shoulder problem. And I genuinely enjoy her inner-nerdiness.

I feel that Maria fans that hate Vika are irritated that the two of them get lumped together quite a bit. They both have very similar backgrounds, obviously there's the grunting, and they're the two best players after Serena. They have a lot in common with each other, which for some people is too much to bear. The difference really being Vika broadcasts her personality every way possible and refuses to censor it where Maria is definitely a more detached creature naturally; her personality is more of the classic ice queen but you take her off the court she's really just a good hearted dork, just like Vika.

It's just sad that some Maria fans (and a lot of other fans) hate Vika. There's a number of players I dislike for a multitude of reasons but the vast majority of those I respect as athletes and competitors. I would like to think Vika and Maria having this rivalry will push each of them to become even better.
dying but no I fully agree

Originally Posted by Bob Gray View Post
Is it really her? because one time i had a two week conversation with Kirsten Dunst, before i realised she was a fake one
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