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After failing to defend her IW points from last year,King Ralph will drop below Makiri in next week's rankings.By my count that means that,despite having a HUGE lifetime contract that dwarfs the others,Ralph is no higher than FOURTH-ranked amongst WTA players--behind Kerber,Caro and Makiri,with Pavs and Cirstea possibly knocking her out of the 'Adidas Top 5 rankings' by season's end...and that's on top of winning ZERO Premier titles in the last 4 1/2 years and rarely even making a QF at one of them....Does anyone else think that the rep who inked that deal with Ralph has been burned in effigy at Adidas HQ?

Heard a lot of empty babble about how poor Nigel Sears--who has gotten a hernia from carrying around useless dead weight--was going to lead Ralph on a "comeback" to the elite rankings.Does the title,"Waiting for Godot" seem apt to anyone?We may as well watch a Roadrunner marathon and wait around for Wile E. Coyote to capture his prey...or expect Ralph to remain celibate for 2 weeks at a vacation resort that's filled with ATP players....We can count on Ralph to keep putting on airs,pretending to be a dedicated player,as long as she can keep her ranking in the Top 50 w/o too much effort,thus fulfilling the stipulations of Adidas' albatross contract.However,when she can't even maintain THAT ranking anymore,she'll retire to an aimless life of snorting coke with ex-,and current,Serbian mafia guys until she's no longer attractive enough to be a trophy gf...and then fades into irrelevance...but NOT before there's a big party at the Adidas offices when they finally stick her contract in the paper shredder

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