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Re: Indian Wells-Miami

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
So, if I told you that you were not a true fan, you would be OK with that? Why would anyone who is not a fan spend any time here? What would be the reason? The absence of life? Even if that was the case, don't you think that we would leave the sinking ship and move to peaceful green areas of Vikaland, Siberian forum etc. like all normal trolls and bandwaggoners. Besides, when we were realistic about Ana's chances against Serena we got attacked for not trusting in her, now we get attacked for not being realistic about her career. True fans should make up their minds and make a list of desirable attributes for us, I don't want to infuriate another visitor.
all i'm saying is that people should take it easy, no need to overreact to every little outburst. and no, i don't care if people say i'm a true fan or not, why should i? you can't please everyone and on the internet people are often a bit more rude than they should be. we don't see each other's faces and smilies can help only as much.

anyway, i think there is room for positivity within the negativity of ana's reality. or there would be some if she gave it a chance with a more realistic scheduling, something we all moan about, so i see no reason for an argument. we would all be happy if ana played a mm tournament and won it, i'm sure. i will remove myself from this discussion now, though.
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