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Re: *Vika Azarenka Cheering Thread* - Vikalume 4.

Originally Posted by viktory View Post
my points exactly. Btw, just out of curiosity ,how do you manage to carry on good rapot with most of the SS posters. I am nt hating on them,i get that 90% of them are probably teenagers and it is natural for them to get overinvolved,overzealous and overenthusiastic as most of the teenagers do,but i find them even more immature than avg. Teenager. I mean i was also a teenager 4yr back,dnt remember being so immature.
I kinda think Maria fans just get bad luck in that the sensible ones are categorized as trolling all the time and being part of the big Mashabator thing or something, and the trolls just keep adding to the reputation we seem to have in GM. Countless times regardless of what I've said in a post because I support Maria people have used that to reply when I make a good point or something or expose their trolling.

It's frustrating.

I did get a bad rep from one the first time I put Vika in my avatar but that was just a joke.

Generally in SS you see what the posters are really like because they're not always being attacked like they are in GM. I pretty much steer clear of GM now because its pointless posting in there.

What I will say is, when the haters start to dry up, that's usually when the person they're jealous of is failing. Look at Caro, she was being forgotten more and more until recently, now all her haters have come back.

Originally Posted by Bob Gray View Post
Is it really her? because one time i had a two week conversation with Kirsten Dunst, before i realised she was a fake one
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