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Re: New Pope Francis!

Originally Posted by HippityHop View Post

This is a good point and it raises the question of why people want to change the Catholic Church rather than find a Church that caters to their particular needs/wants.
Ah, its all about socialization. One grows up in a family that practices "X religion" (or even just marries into one) they start parroting the "we're X" stuff; especially in "mono-religious" countries, cities, even neighbourhoods. Doesn't mean they actually believe the dogma, hence terms like "Cafeteria Catholics".

The religions accept this for 3 reasons (in no particular order here).

1) Getting to say they "speak for" however many millions, even 1B plus.
2) The revenue from weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's....
3) The hope that in another generation or two, the kids or grandkids will redisover "their" religion.

BTW, I totally second what others have posted ITT, that the "Jesus thread" should not be closed. (Err, "God knows" I had some excellent metaphysical posts there).
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