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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by Queen Petra Fan View Post
If Petra and her cheap manager had a 'real' coach helping her, this probably wouldn't even need to be mentioned. They'd already have been working on it and getting it solved months or years ago as other GS winners have already done and we would already have seen the results.

Oh well, maybe they'll figure it out in a couple of years.

Losing to a no talent Barbie like Kirilenko.....

Yeah, Cernosek and Kotyza are geniuses!

With these two clowns in her corner, I'll be amazed if she ever wins another GS again.
You know what QPF?

I didn't bother to read any articles or re-post on this thread. So I have no idea what Kotyza or Petra said. I'm just tired of the excuses. Enough already.

Nonetheless, I was thinking about this today, even before this thread was even created:

If Cernosenk is such a good Manager/Organizer, as some of our beloved Czech Brethren want us to believe; then answer me this?.....Why is it, Cernosenk knows and has basically acknowledged Kotyza is Petra's needed Babysitter/Friend/Daddy, Nail Polish Shopper, Cheering/Hugging squad on the road. However, he won't get her a real coach, to teach Petra tactical tennis, imbue proper confidence, goals, and overcoming obstacles and challenges--more often, both on and off the court?

Can he at least bring in a specialist, to fix Petra's erratic serve? I'm assuming Kotyza doesn't know, otherwise he would have helped Petra fix it already?

And where's Petra's proper Godmother/GodFather-Wise Ole Advisor type, in a Martina, Novotna, Lendl, Slozil or Mandlikova, that she can confide in; gain confidence and take advice from? Such a joke, when Petra has willing people who would like to help or advise her for free!!

This tells me, Cernosenk is either a complete idiot, and/or he's afraid of bringing in "outsiders".

The people Petra has are just not doing it. And they haven't been 'doing it' on a consistent basis, since the end of the 2011 season (Extraliga, Lucie H. match, Petra Achilles tendon Debacle).

More importantly: He doesn't have to FIRE anyone if Petra allegedly loves them so much. Why not bring in the proper people WHO CAN HELP Petra while Huggy Bear (or who ever) can stay HEAD CHEER LEADER/HUGGER in charge!?
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