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Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Petra Kvitova Press Conference after beating Klara Zakopalova
THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I think some of us were worried before the match how you're going to handle the heat. It's pretty hot today. But you seemed to come through very well. How did you feel out there?
Yeah, I felt quite well. I mean, it's quite dry here, so that's not the thing what really I hate. I think in Miami it will be much more worse.

Q. Do you have to change sort of the way you approach your workouts or your day or anything when it goes from being sort of mild and temperate to hot like it is now the next few days?
No, I don't think so. I mean, it's the same preparation for every match, so I don't want to change anything because it will be hot enough.
That's something what I can't change.

Q. Since the US Open last year you have been playing very well on outdoor hard courts. Can you say why?
I think last year for me was first time when I played quite well in the US Open Series, and that was something maybe that I used to play on the hard after the grass last season. I mean, it's everything in the time and I need everything to improve.
I didn't like the weather in the America, but how I said already, here it's much more drier so it's better for me.
But I remember Montreal/Cincinnati/New Haven/US Open wasn't that good, but I was quite lucky that I play in the night mostly.
That's something what I really can't change, so maybe that's why I need to be patient for it.

Q. Is it all physical or was there a point where you thought, Well, mentally I know I'm not going to feel well so maybe I'm not going to play my best?
I think that it's both things, because if I am thinking about it too much that's for sure to show in my fitness and my game, too.

Q. You went and won Wimbledon and got a lot of attention, and it seems like now more recently you're kind of flying under the radar maybe with less attention. Do you prefer that, or do you kind of miss getting...
Well, I'm quite missing big titles. (Laughter.) I think it was better to have it. But, I mean, that's everything what I can change and try to still working hard. I know that last season wasn't easy to repeat everything what I did in 2011.
This season it's quite different. I don't have really points to defend this part of the season, so maybe that's why I'm playing a little bit without pressure.
But of course that I'm trying to play every match, and I have a nerves before every match, so that's still same.

Q. You didn't have the big title last year, but you won Fed Cup. So I'm wondering, do you feel like that kind of experience helped you coming into this season, or is there no relation?
Fed Cup it helped me?

Q. Yeah.
I won Fed Cup 2011, too. I think that it's always nice to end, to finish the season with this beautiful trophy with other players, for sure.
I mean, for me, it's always great to play Fed Cup. I had one great match against Jankovic, but then I didn't feel well, I mean, in few days after or few weeks after the Fed Cup final in Prague. I mean, it didn't show that I was confident for to do Fed Cup first in Australia. I don't think that it's help me a lot.

Q. What about for you coming here? You had the upset last year, you lost early, so does it give you that extra boost of confidence now to be into the quarterfinals?
I mean, it was my best result last year when I was in the third round, so that's nice, of course, that I reach quarterfinals right now.
But of course that I didn't want to stop yet. That's nice to be still in the draw before the Miami, for sure.

Q. You have talked a lot about how important consistency is for you, so what do you do to keep yourself consistent week to week?
I have the thinking about every match that someone on the other side who keep every ball and playing really great, what the players did or do every match. I think that it's still keeping me focused for every point and for every player.
That's also that we are practicing for my physical side and technical, so that's why I can play more rallies and I don't have to risk a lot of points.

Q. So there were times when you were playing lower players when you weren't able to focus as much maybe because you thought, I should win this?
I think that I had some matches like this, how you said. That's something what I need to improve and be focusing for 100% always.

Q. You're in the quarterfinals now; do you think you're ready to win this tournament?
Not yet. (Smiling.)
I mean, I know that next match will be tough if Agnieszka or Maria win. Doesn't matter, it's both great players, and I hope that I will be prepared for tomorrow. That's my priority right now.

Q. The surface here is a bit slow, no? But the weather is hot and the balls maybe are lighter. Does it suit you? Is it fast in some ways and slow in others?
It's never suits me here. (Smiling.)

This first year what I'm playing quite well, and I need some time to used to play. And how you said, it's quite slow and the balls, I feel like sometimes it's flying too much and sometimes not.
So that's really weird for me. And of course if it's bouncing quite high and sometimes it's like very slide.
I feel like every shot it's a little bit different as on the clay, so I need to be really focused every point.

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